Look Mom No Helmet!





It is no secret that today’s parents are obsessed with protecting their kids. Child seats, bike helmets, and indeed seatbelts would have seemed alien objects for me as a child. In the picture above I am a ten-year old racing in a GS event with no helmet. My mom would be arrested today. As a kid I wandered in the woods at the age of five with little thought of danger or getting lost. The question I ask myself, as I strap my five-year old into his car seat,  are we protecting or coddling them. I suspect a little of both. Though I am by no means advocating the elimination of helmets, seatbelts, and car seats, I would suggest that we let our kids explore the dangerous side of life. Back to the picture above; I love the juxtaposition of sheer terror and exhilaration. As an adult I avoid stressful situations like a ski race…the ten-year old me was certainly more courageous than the current me. I would like to have that feeling found in the picture again…..ski race anyone?

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