End of 2014


Thought I would add a quick message. As 2014 draws to a close I am lucky enough to have my sister visiting from the northern hemisphere…that means writing and research has rightfully taken a back seat to festivities. It is also just over a year since I started this blog. It has been an actioned-packed year as I had a very productive year of writing.

Of special interest for this blog is my forthcoming paper on the Byzantine Emperor Leo I that will be published in early January. It began on here as a bit of a rough draft. Indeed I had no real intentions of trying to publish it , but it received a positive reaction, so I kept at it over the last nine months and with some further editing it made a decent article. It is being published in an Italian journal Porphyra XXII. Here is the link to the journal: porphyra.it/. So my experiment paid off as I started this blog with the intentions to put some of my thoughts to “paper”.

I have another baby due in the next few weeks number 4 so I am not sure how much writing I will be posting in the next month or so! But I have a group of reviews and other articles coming out in 2015 so I will add those links for those interested.

I am also attending Leeds this year and am involved in a fascinating session with the esteemed Byzantinists Philip Rance and Dmitri Krallis. I have not written the paper yet…but have been doing some extensive data collecting for my paper on andreia and generalship in Procopius so I will begin to share some of that here. So stay tuned


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